How to set & achieve your New Year goals.

Lofty title isn’t it?

While we all wander around in our robes well past 8am, in a Christmas cookie haze, the end of the year always manages to catch most people by surprise and before you know it, boxing day has morphed into New Years Eve.

And with the new year we inevitably come to the time when we set our sights on what we want to achieve in the coming year. 2018 was a wild ride and our intention is to enter 2019 prepared, focused and energized. So how will we make sense of the swirl of good ideas kicking around and create a plan to make those goals a reality and not just a sad memory by March?

Well, as the saying goes, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time”.

We’ve been reading up on some powerful goal setting techniques and here’ is our short list of favorite tips to get the job done.

1) Take stock and learn from the past. What were your victories and also, what were your failures. (It’s ok, everyone had some). But that’s great because your most valuable info will come from the things you WISH you hadn’t done. Why didn’t it work? The more clues you can find here, the further along the path you for for success in this coming year!

2) Be specific. Goals like “get more exercise or make more money” just don’t cut it according to every study everywhere. You much be specific. Instead of eat healthier, try “I will eat 50% vegetables at each meal” (or whatever you consider to be a good diet for you). Specific goals are measurable and traceable. Anything else is too negotiable.

3) Break it down. So you want to run a marathon? Great! How many steps did you take yesterday? Hmmm. Breaking a goal down into smaller more manageable pieces is how you eat that elephant. Don’t aim to run the marathon. Aim to run 5k this week. Then 7k. And so on. Before long, you’re well on your way to tackling to big goal and you barely broke a sweat.

4) Write it down. Keep it somewhere where you can see it often and read it first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Remind yourself what you want and why. You didn’t set this goal for no reason. Remind yourself everyday until it’s a force of habit.

5) Keep trying. So those veggies didn’t get eaten and that piggybank is pretty light. Who says you can only set goals on Jan 1st? Reset anytime you think you’re off the mark. Take a break & get back to it.

6) Be kind to yourself.

If buying or selling real estate is one of your goals for 2019, we want to help you! The Coast is an amazing place to live, work, play & invest. Give us a call or email anytime to set up a chat and coffee and tell us how we can help you check a major box off your 2019 goal list.

Happy New Year everyone. Here’s to a wonderful 2019!